Go-to-market strategy>

Have website visitors, possible clients, and users when you're ready to launch!

​Business plan

  • Go over the business plan and pick out strong differentiation points

  • Go over the target audience/segmentation

  • Create a story/hook

  • Positioning

  • Polish and package 


Marketing and sales plan

  • Introduction to marketing

    • Online and offline​

  • Develop a lead generation strategy​​​​​

    • Target audience based​
    • Platform based
    • Organic and paid
  • Test the effectiveness


Sales pitching>

Be ready to deliver your product to investors and possible clients!

Content & context

  • Scope of the material

  • What to include, text and visuals

  • How to pitch


Content & context

  • Extracting figures, numbers, stories and differentiation

  • Create an impact


Growth marketing>

Optimize your growth funnel and skyrocket your growth!

Current situation analysis

  • Blueprint the sales growth funnel

  • Observe lead generation strategy

  • Define the conversion ratios at each step


Growth funnel optimization

  • Divide the funnel into steps

  • Deep dive in each step

  • Create possible optimization hacks

    • Growth hacking​

    • Product development

    • Digital marketing

    • Pricing

    • Partnering

    • Target audience

    • Design thinking

  • Implement, test, measure


Use of powerups

  • Look for an accelerated break-even

  • Deep dive pricing and lead strategy

  • Decide to use powerups



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